Exporting shrimp price increasing up in the fist five months

With the average export price of $ 9.22 per kg increased 15% comparing with the same period last year, the value of shrimp exports in the whole country in January 2011 grow impressively which took 47% over the same period last year while export volume rose up to 27.5%.

According to Customs statistics, in January, 2011 there were 198 companies exporting shrimp to 58 markets in the world with a mass of 16 thousand tons with the total value of U.S. $ 146.5 millions. Shrimp products are on the top of export value of primary commodities, accounting for 33.7% of the total seafood export value in January 2011. Black tiger shrimp and Vannamei shrimp are two main products growing with a strong pace in which Vannamei shrimp increased 50% in volume and 79% in value over the same period last year, Black tiger shrimp turns 28 % and 40%. Vannamei shrimp exports reached 4.6 thousand tons valued $ 35.7 million, accounting for 24.4% of total shrimp export value and Black tiger exports reached 8.5 thousand tons valued $ 87.3 million, took nearly 60% of the total shrimp export value. In January, shrimp producing companies export to major markets such as Japan, U.S., EU, Canada, Korea due to the higher demand of those products in these markets and more attractive prices, while exporting to Australia and some Asian markets such as Taiwan, Philippines import prices descending, in which exports to Australia decreased by nearly 40% in both volume and value, the average price decreases nearly 4.3% over the same period last year to $ 8.96 per kg. The average export price to the United States markets is highest, gains $ 11.75 per kg, the price is higher 17.6% than the same period last year, Switzerland $ 11.51 per kg, up 15.2%, Canada 10.62 USD / kg, up 11.4%, export prices to other markets is higher. In particular, the volume of shrimp exports to ASEAN falling down 54.5%, but the average export price is almost double from $ 4.64 per kg to $ 8.57 per kg, which indicates this market has considered to the high quality shrimp. 10 largest importing markets include Japan, USA, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, UK, Australia and France, taking 72.6% of the total exported shrimp value of Vietnam, exporting to Canada increases the most, which is nearly eight times higher than the same period last year, up to nearly three times in Germany, 2.5 times in Switzerland and from 15% - 68% in other markets. .


Vasep, 07/03/2011