Fishery production in 2 months achieved 711.8 thousand tons, increasing 2.4%

According to GSO of Vietnam, fishery production of the first two months in 2011 reached 711.8 thousand tons, insreasing 2.4% over the same period last year.

Aquaculture production reached 304.5 thousand tons, raising up to 5.1%; catching production reached 407.3 thousand tons, decreasing 1.4%. For February, seafood output achieved 355.4 thousand tons, up to 2.4% comparing with the same period last year, fish production attained 277.3 thousand tons, up to 2.2%; shrimp reached 27.2 thousand tons, up to 6.3%. Aquaculture production was about 143 thousand tons, up to 5% over the same period last year, fish production was 112 thousand tons, up to 4.7%; shrimp production reached 16.5 thousand tons, up to 10%. Aquaculture production increased slightly as raw material price of Pangasius micronema are still high and the costly input so that investing in farming area haven’t been expanded. Therefore the next time, Pangasius micronema material has not met the needs of processing plants. Catching production in February was estimated at 212.4 thousand tons, up to 0.6% over the same period last year, in which fish about 165.3 thousand tons, up to 0.7%; shrimp about 10.7 thousand tons, up to 0.9%.

( Vietstock - 02/03/2011)