About Us

Trading Activities

1. Processing and exporting seafoods:

Beside decisive product is Vannamei shrimp, the company also process a variety of traditional value-added seafood products such as Octopus, Kamasu and many kinds of Cuttlefish… The products of the company are consumed with the high volume of sales in many markets around the world, particularly in Japan, Europe, America, Asia countries…

2. Production and trading of aquaculture feed:

  the company processes and trades aquaculture feed products with the most up-to-date equipments, rigid monitoring system, optimal ratio for feed consumption and nutrition combination. Providing technical services, technology, material and equipments serving for aquaculture operation.

3. Trading in import materials:

is also another professional and traditional business of Seadanang with more than 30-year experience helping to establish the trademark, reliability of a supplier, a wholeseller, a retailer. Main import commodities comprise: paper pulp, assorted plastic resin, chemicals, non ferrous metals, goods and equipments for consumtion and production…

4. Cold storage service:

Seadanang has a cold storage system in Danang with the capacity of 4,000 ton. With high-capacity device, the company can provide freezing service and cold storage for seafood, meat, agriculture products and other types of foodstuff products.